Book slides - Analyzing Financial and Economic Data with R

The slides for my newly released book Analyzing Financial and Economic Data with R are finally ready! I apologize for keep you guys waiting. The slides are available as independent .Rmd files for all book chapters including: ## [1] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-01_Introduction.Rmd" ## [2] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-02_BasicOperations.Rmd" ## [3] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-03_ResearchScripts.Rmd" ## [4] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-04_ImportingLocal.Rmd" ## [5] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-05_ImportingInternet.Rmd" ## [6] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-06_DataStructureObjects.Rmd" ## [7] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-07_BasicClasses.Rmd" ## [8] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-08_Programming.Rmd" ## [9] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-09_CleaningData.Rmd" ## [10] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-10_Figures.Rmd" ## [11] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-11_Models.Rmd" ## [12] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-12_ReportingResults.Rmd" ## [13] "afedR-Slides_Chapter-13_OptimizingCode.Rmd" All content is released with a generous MIT license, so fell free to use and edit the files as you wish.

Book release - Analyzing Financial and Economic Data with R (2º edition)

After a couple of unexpected delays, I am very pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of my book, Analyzing Financial and Economic Data with R. You can find it in Amazon as an ebook or paperback. An online version is available here. More details, including supplementary material, are available in the book webpage. The first edition was released back in 2017 and it was a great journey working once again in this material. Many sections and chapters have been improved, along with new content. Here are the main changes:

Static and Dynamic Book Exercises with R

In the new edition of my R book, to be released in early 2020 (see current TOC, new packages and notification form), I’m giving special attention to its use in the classroom. For that, I’ve created class slides and R exercises in the static and dynamic form. All the extra content will be freely available in the internet and distributed with package afedR. Anyone can use it, without the need of purchasing the book (but off course it would help). To access the files, first install the package from Github with devtools (ignore warning messages about long paths):

Feedback on new book TOC (Table of Contents)

Back in 2017 I wrote the first international1 edition of my book “Analyzing Financial and Economic Data with R” (online version) . While I was happy with the content of the book at the time of publication, today I know I can make it better. As of early 2019, I’m working in the new edition of the book, taking my time (and weekends!) in fixing all issues, expanding chapters and writing new CRAN packages. The current TOC is available here. Let me summarize the main changes from the previous edition: