(2/2) Book promotion (paperback edition) - "Processing and Analyzing Financial Data with R"

I received many messages regarding my book promotion (see previous post ). I’ll use this post to answer the most frequent questions:  Does the paperback edition have a discount? No. The price drop is only valid for the ebook edition but not by choice. Unfortunately, Amazon does not let me do countdown promotions for the paperback edition. So, in favor of those, like myself, that like the smell of a fresh book page, I manually dropped the price of the paperback to 17.

Book promotion - "Processing and Analyzing Financial Data with R"

I recently did a book promotion for my R book in portuguese and it was a big sucess! My english book is now being sold with the same promotion. You can purchase it with a 50% discount if you buy it on the 10th day of march. See it here. The discount will be valid throughout the week, with daily price increases. If you want to learn more about R and its use in Finance and Economics, this book is a great opportunity.

Second Edition of "Processamento e Analise de Dados Financeiros e Econômicos com o R"

It is with great pleasure that I announce the second edition of the portuguese version of my book, Processing and Analyzing Financial Data with R. This edition updates the material significantly. The portuguese version is now not only in par with the international version of the book, but much more! Here are the main changes: The structure of chapters changed towards the stages of a research, from obtaining the raw data, cleaning it, manipulating it and, finally, reporting tables and figures.

My Book about using R in Finance

I am very please to announce that my book,Processing and Analyzing Financial Data with R, is finally out! This book is an english version of my previous title in portuguese. This is a long term project that I plan to keep on working over the years. You can find it in Amazon. Following great titles about R, I decided to also publish an online version with full content here. More details about the book, including table of contents, is availabe in its webpage.

Writing a R book and self-publishing it in Amazon

Many people, including my university colleagues and friends, have asked me about the process of writing a book and self publishing it in Amazon. You can find the details about the book here and here. Given so much interest, I’m going to report the whole process in this post. First, motivation. Why did I write a book? I am a university professor. Writing is a major part of my work and I really enjoy it.