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Welcome to the book site of Processing and Analyzing Financial Data with R. Here you can find content for the first six chapters. The whole book is available in Amazon in two formats, ebook and hardcover. If you liked the material and are using the book, please consider purchasing it. As an author, I certainly appreciate the gesture and will take it as a motivating factor for future editions.

This book introduces the reader to the use of R and RStudio as a platform for processing and analyzing financial data. The book covers all necessary knowledge for using R, from its installation in your computer to the organization and development of scripts. For every chapter, the book presents practical and replicable examples of R code, providing context and facilitating the learning process.

Based on the material, the reader will learn how to download financial data from local files or the Internet, represent and process it using native objects in R, and create tables and figures to report the results in a technical document. The book is organized based on the author’s practical experience in scientific research and includes instructions for using the best R packages for each purpose, such as xtable and texreg for reporting tables, dplyr in data processing, and ggplot2 in creating figures. After presenting the capabilities of R in processing financial data, the last chapter presents three complete and reproducible examples of research in Finance.

This book is recommended for postgraduate researchers and students interested in learning how to use R. No prior knowledge of programming or finance is required to take advantage of this book. After finishing, the reader will have enough knowledge to develop their own scripts autonomously, producing academic documents or data analysis for public and private institutions.