GetDFPData2 is the second iteration of GetDFPData, an academic project to provide free and unrestricted access to corporate datasets from B3, the Brazilian financial exchange. GetDFPData2 is released as an R package available in github (soon in CRAN). You can find more details about the project in its academic paper and Github page. The code for this shiny app is also available in Github

In this site you'll be able to use the same code to download financial information from the exchange with a web interface of package GetDFPData2. Be aware that command line version offers far more functionality.


Tab Info about companies offers several details about companies. This includes official names, cnpj, cvm id, and much more. You can also download the table to your computer as csv or xlsx Notice that a search box is available at top right of displayed table. You can use it for finding details about a particular company.

Tab Download DFP Data is the main application. In order to use it, select your companies, date range, type of output and press Get Data . After the server imports the data from the internet and cleans it, a Download button should appear, with a link to an Excel, csv or rds file.

Access to Compiled Datasets

Recently I released the full, up to date, datasets for all R projects, including GetDFPData2 and GetFREData. More details in this blog post.

If youre using it for research, please cite the original source using dataverse (details at blog post).

Support the project!

This web interface is written in shiny and hosted in a DigitalOcean server with a 10 USD per month overhead. The GetDFPData project has no formal financial support and, so far, I've been paying it myself, with the proceeds of my books . If you're using the shiny interface, please help us keeping the project alive.

All we need is to cover the costs of the server. If you can, please make one-time or continuous donation. All supporters will be featured anonymously in the Supporters tab.

Bug reports

The package is in constant development. If you have found an error or bug, please use Github to report it. I'll look into as soon as I can. If you don't have a github account, just drop me an email (marceloperlin@gmail.com).


If you have used the data for scientific research, please cite the data source as:

Perlin, M. S., Kirch, G., & Vancin, D. (2019). Accessing financial reports and corporate events with GetDFPData. Revista Brasileira de Finanças, 17(3).

This web interface only includes **active** companies with stocks listed in B3. The full list can be dowloaded from R session with the following code (open a new R script in RStudio, copy and paste all code, execute with control+shift+enter)

if (!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")
if (!require(GetDFPData2)) devtools::install_github("msperlin/GetDFPData2")

df_info <- get_info_companies()

Alternatively, you can download the **complete table** in two formats:

Information Table

Annual Financial Reports

Here you'll be able to download annual financial reports from the DFP system. Be aware that, this web interface only includes active companies within B3. When using the R package, there is no such restriction.



Your query can be replicated in R with the following script. Just copy it and execute in R:


Not Available..

FRE data is sparse and demands a heavy download for every user query as every pair of company/year is a 15 to 20 MB download. Despite my efforts, the server simply can't handle multiple queries from package GetFREData. As a alternative, you can download parsed FRE data from 2010 in my dataverse library . Or, if you dig some coding, simply use function get_fre_data from package GetFREData for making live queries froma local R session.

Marcelo S. Perlin - Personal webpage

Guilherme Kirch - Personal webpage

Daniel Vancin - Personal webpage

Thank you everyone for supporting the GetDFPData project!

The resources are being used to pay for the DigitalOcean server that hosts this app.

You can make a donation with paypal:

Full list of donations up to 2021-05-07:


2018-02-20 - Update on cache file. Modified df.info and output data.

2018-04-02 - Update on cache file (new fr statements).

2018-09-20 - Update on cache file (new fr statements).

2019-01-12 - Update on cache file (see here for details)

2019-05-28 - Update on cache file: new FR statements (4T2018) & bug fixes

2019-10-12 - Update on interface (it once again supports xlsx)

2020-04-17 - Update on cache file: new dfp and fre data from 2019

2021-03-07 - New and improved GetDFPData2 interface. Now with REAL data feed. See this blog post

2021-05-07 - Improved UI and cleaned code

Next steps

* implement ITR data -- NOT implemented (fuction is not working as expected..)

* implement FRE data -- NOT implemente (server cant handle multiple live queries..)